"Language was designed to hide vibrations!" - Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Many of you heard about the drug "Prozac", every year billions of dollars are spent on buying prozac. And here's a surprise :

"The Prozac is no better than a sugar pill, so that it is a Placebo Drug; and yet the people who take it believe in the drug so much, it makes them better. We have been lied to.... This is what medicine does not tell you is that - there is negative thinking, and it's called the Nocebo Effect!" I will be talking about the nature of the two parts of the mind and why we have trouble sometimes controlling our life.

First, there are signals from the environment - the internal and external environment. The function of the brain is to perceive the signals, interpret those signals and then send the information to the cells to control the behavior and the genetics. So the function of the brain is perception, and from that creates the mind. Now, we have heard of something called the "Placebo Effect", right? The "Placebo Effect" is when you have a very positive thought that something can heal you; Even if, it's we, you don't know it, but it's a sugar pill; but you believe it's the real medicine, then you can heal yourself with that! So the pill didn't heal you, it was the thought that healed you. Statistics revealed that one third of all medical healing, including surgery, are the result of the Placebo Effect! Now, the issue is that the placebo effect is when you have positive thinking. What about negative thinking? And this is what medicine doesn't tell you, is that there is negative thinking and it's called the "Nocebo Effect".

In the same power that positive thinking can heal you, negative thinking can kill you! They're both the same effect : one is more positive, one is more negative. But the effects are exactly the same in your health : one will heal you and the other can make you sick. The point is is that negative thinking can create all the effects of chemotherapy. Now think about this : if a doctor tells you you have a disease, or the doctor tells you you're going to die, and you believe the doctor because these the professional, the belief will give you a disease and can cause you to die! So belief becomes an important part of medicine! Many of you have heard about the drug "Prozac". Every year billions of dollars are spent on buying Prozac! And here's a surprise : that the Prozac is no better than a sugar pill! So that it is a placebo drug. And yet, the people who take it believe in the drug so much, it makes them better! So if you believe that something is good for you, it will be good ; and if you believe that it's harmful for you, it will be bad. So if we were growing up and programmed with stronger beliefs, we would be more powerful than we are now!

Where do our perceptions come from?

Number 1 : Genetics! We get instincts we are born with! You do not have to teach a child how to pull its hand out of a fire. When a baby is born, every baby can swim from the moment it's born, it can be born under water and swim like a dolphin. And this brings up a question, which I'll answer in a little bit. If we were all born with the instinct and the ability to swim, then why do we have to teach children how to swim? And it's related to the 2nd source of perception, and that is the subconscious mind, where our learned habits and learned experiences are recorded. When a baby is very young, the parents are afraid that the baby will drowned. So every time the baby goes near the water, the parents, "Ahhh.... the babies by the water; by the sink; by the toilet; by the brook... wherever the water is, the baby hears the parents get very excited. So the baby learns that water is dangerous, and it has a fear of water because the parents express the fear - so the baby is afraid of water. So the learned behavior can override the instincts, the 3rd source of perceptions is the conscious mind, which is different than subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has learned habits; the conscious mind is creative programming. When you are conscious, you can rewrite the instincts ; and when you become conscious, you can rewrite the experiences of your life, so that it is important to recognize that what we are not using enough of in our world today is consciousness. And I will describe in a little while how most of our lives, that 95 percent or more of our life is controlled by the habits of the subconscious mind. Brain research, we study the what is called an "EEG", which is the vibration activity of the brain. As adults, we have very high and low ranges of activities going on all the time, but in our development we jump from lower to the higher, to the higher, to the higher vibrations over time. For the first two years from before birth to the first two years, we are in the lowest frequency. For an adult, "delta" is like sleeping or unconscious. From two until six, the higher activity called "theta". When we're in theta, it's like imagination. That's why children between two and six mix the real world and the imaginary world in their play. When the child gets to 6, then another level starts called "alpha", which is come consciousness. When the child reaches 12, it can express all the ranges from "Delta", "Theta", "Alpha"... and this is like schoolroom consciousness - "Beta". The most important point : Consciousness, the way we think; Consciousness is not available to the child until after 6. The first six years are the programmable state. The reason is this low activity is called "The Hypnagogic Trance". If I want to hypnotize you, I have to take you from higher levels into lower levels, and then I can put information into the subconscious.

A child has to learn thousands and thousands of facts about how to fit into the family, into society. And so the nature doesn't give the child consciousness to to create new things. It just gives it the brain activity to download facts! People are familiar with the Jesuits would say, "Give me a child until 6 years of age, and it will belong to the church for the rest of his life!" Because whatever goes into the first six years is the first structure in the subconscious mind. The child is in a state of super-learning! A child that between zero and six can learn three languages at the same time. But after this period, if you try to teach a child just one language, it's difficult! So this period in our life is where we learn the fundamentals of relationships, connections, family and community. Like the chimpanzee, whatever the baby sees, experiences or learns from the family, it goes right into the subconscious brain! And this is also the period where we learn self identity, "who are we?". What parents tell us, we become. So if parents tell us we are smart, and bright and lovely and wonderful, that goes into the program! But if we are told we are not nice people, or we're not smart, or we're not pretty, or we're not good.... that goes into the program... But this is all below consciousness! So you may not know the program you received, because you were not conscious really during this time period, but most of us, most all of us have received a program of not good enough, not the best we can be!

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJoELR8ed2M

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