"If You Touch This Dimension, Than Divine Becomes Your Slave" 「如果你接觸這個維度,神聖成為你的奴隸」 - Sadhguru

"If you touch this dimension of intelligence, then divine becomes your slave. You don't have to think what you want; You don't have to seek what you want; if you touch this intelligence, everything that you wish to know is yours. You have to just direct your focus and it's all there"

We have sixteen parts of the mind, which function distinct functions. And there are whole lot of practices and processes through, which one takes charge of this 16 dimensions of mind. These 16, for simple understanding, can be brought into four four sections.

The first dimension of the mind is we are referring to as "buddhi" or what is generally considered intellect. We've got too mesmerized by our own logic. And we have invested too much in human intellect, leaving out the other dimensions of intelligence that

functions within us. When we say intellect, it is the logical realm of what's happening in our minds, or in other words, in your intellect, you can't make your intellect agree. "2 + 2 = 6"... It has to be 4, otherwise you think its crazy. So, it's factual. It grasps the facts of

life and assimilation, makes an analysis of that and lets us penetrate through the world. Or in other words, intellect is like a knife - the sharper the better. Knife is an instrument which is used for cutting things open. So this is one way of exploring the world, by dissection. This is one way of knowing things, you definitely grasp something, but you never grasp the intrinsic nature of life by dissection.

The second dimension of the mind we call it as "Ahankara", which in English language would translate as the "Identity". Your intellect is always a slave of your identity. What you

identified with, it is only around that it functions. Simple things. People are identified the things that they are not even seen and huge emotions are there. Their life is guided by those things. Nationality is a new idea. It's just about 150 - 200 years that we have the strong sense of nationhood. We've shifted from our ethnic, racia and other kinds of identities to national identity. Just the moment you believe "I belong to this nation", the emblem of the nation, the flag of the nation, the anthem of the nation. It brings genuine emotions, nobody is pretending, it's real. It's real because people are willing to die for it. But it's just an identity, you could just switch at any time. You could move to another country and take that on and it becomes yours. So the moment you identify yourself with something, your intellect is completely always protecting this identity and working around this identity. If intellect is the knife, identity is the hand that holds the knife. How steady or unsteady this hand is, will determine what this intellect will do or undo.

The next dimension of the mind is called as "Manas". So this is not just in one place, this is the entire body. Manas is a huge silo of memory. So when I say huge silo of memory, whatever memory you may have in your brain, your body has a trillion times more memory than that. You definitely don't remember how your great-great-great great-great grandfather look like, but his nose is sitting on your face right now. It remembers, how your 4 fathers looked a million years ago, your body still remembers, it has not forgotten. Definitely it is not the capability of your brain, so in terms of memory, the Manas is phenomenal and it's right across the body. Every cell in the body carries enormous memory. Memory to a point through the origin of life on this planet and beyond. All that memory is carried in this body, so this is "Manas". If there is no memory, intellect would be defunct. It's like a car without gas. Because there is memory, intellect is on. This memory flows through the hand of identity. And whatever is the identity, the memory takes on that color, accordingly. And then it plays up in the intellect and intellect functions.

The fourth dimension of the mind is called "Chitta". "Chitta" means it's pure intelligence ,unsullied by memory. There is absolutely no memory, free of memory, it's just pure intelligence. When we say pure intelligence, all kinds of things have been said, with all due respect to everybody's beliefs and fates and whatever, all kinds of things have been said to people that God is generous, God is law, God is this, God is that. Suppose you had nobody told you anything, and you just paid attention to all the creation around you, how a flower blossoms, how a leaf is, how an ant moats. If you paid enough attention, one thing you would definitely come to this... whatever it is the source of creation, is a goddamn intelligent thing. Intelligence, intelligence, intelligence. Everything is smacked with phenomenal intelligence beyond. What our quite phenomenal brain cannot perceive. So this is a dimension of intelligence within us, which is the basis of our creation in a way. If you eat a piece of bread, over the afternoon it becomes a human being because this intelligence exists within you and me. So, if you touch this intelligence, in a very misterious way. The yogi, or the yogi yogic culture says, if you touch the chitta, if you touch this dimension of intelligence, then divine becomes your slave. You don't have to think what you want, you don't have to seek what you want. If you touch this intelligence, everything that you wish to know is yours. It's just... you have to just direct your focus and it's all there. Because there is a dimension of chitta, every human being might have accidentally at some point touched this. Which makes, certainly, one spark of magic in somebody's life. This is because they have touched this dimension of intelligence unconsciously. Now the question is only about how to get there consciously and to stay there.

So these aspects of the mind are not entirely located here. It is right across the system. What if there is a dimension of intelligence within you, which does not fit into the parameters of logic? What you refer to as "my body" right now, is an accumulation of food, it's a heap of food. What you call as "my mind", largely in people's experience is an accumulation of impressions over a period of time. So if you have to gather this much of impressions and this much of body, something more fundamental must be there, isn't it? The biggest mistake we have made is, we have given too much significance to human thought. Whatever you think is only happening from the limited data that you have gathered. So the data that you and me have gathered, however big women think it is. In terms of the cosmos, it's minuscule, it's nothing. It's really not of any consequence. So from this minuscule of data that we have gathered, we are generating some thought which could be useful in making our lives; It could be useful in creating a few things; It could be useful fundamentally for our survival and the enhancement of our survival process. All this, but it doesn't give you access to life. Thought and emotion, it's a psychological drama that's happening within you. You can conduct it any way you want, your faculties are taking instructions from you or they have become compulsive for some reason. Either, your body and mind you can conduct it consciously, or it's become compulsive.

That's all that's happening. Whether you call it physical ailment or mental ailment, all that's happened is just this, that your fundamental faculties of existence on this planet is your body and your mind. These two things you have lost grip over them. So it can become this kind of ailment, or that kind of ailment, or whatever. But fundamentally you have lost charge. That's all that's happened. If your body and your brain took instructions from you, would you create depression, would you create illness, would you create anything? You would create highest level of pleasantness for you, isn't it? Human intellect and human intelligence has broken out of a certain bond, which was there for every other creature that they could function like an automated machine, through certain instinct to process. What has happened with the human being, with the process of evolution is.

The human being has broken out of that instinctual process, and there is an intelligence which has to function consciously. But functioning consciously means every moment of life is an exploration, which is too scary for a whole lot of people. So the best thing is, identified with something, which gives you some sense of what you are. But this some sense of what you are which you took on based on your social and cultural backgrounds... what you took on, make sense for your survival process, but not for explorative process. It doesn't explore life, it keeps you... Sant, it's a good solace. It keeps you... it helps you to sleep well in the night, but it doesn't awaken a different dimension of knowing. It doesn't awaken the possibility of exploring dimensions, which are not yet within you. So if this has to happen, the most important thing is to be able to sit here, not identified with anything, not tangling up your intelligence to any particular thing, either your nationality or your religion or your race or your creed or your family or kind of adding to your agenda or whatever. Simply to be able to view your life just as a piece of life. If one does this, then you will see perception will explode in ways that they have not imagined possible.

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